Enrollment Agreement

You must read the Enrollment Agreement and agree to the Terms and Conditions before you can register for the course.

Course Description

This online Washington Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) course is provided by ServeSmart. We are a private provider certified by the WSLCB.  Upon completion of this course and exam, you will be issued the MAST permit.  The Class 12 Mixologist permit is issued to those age 21 and over and the Class 13 server permit to those 18 to 20 years old. The MAST permit will be issued and mailed to you by ServeSmart and reported to WSLCB within 30 days. This course is approved by the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board. 

WSLCB has certified the MAST course based on the Washington Administrative Code 314-17 and any other information on this website that is not a part of the MAST course may not have been certified by WSLCB. Upon completion of the course and exam, you will receive a MAST permit within 30 days.  . 

The ServeSmart course gives you the knowledge and tools you need to serve alcohol legally and responsibly, avoid legal issues related to serving alcohol and maintain a safe environment for your customers, your coworkers, and your community.

You are on WSLCB certified third-party website and any questions related to course access, technical issues and course content must be directed to the provider.

Course Overview

  • The MAST Training Course is provided by the private provider certified by the WSLCB.
  • The minimum course length for MAST course is 3 hours .
  • The course consists of 6 modules with quizzes and 40 question final exam. The easy to use course allows you to track your progress and revisit lessons.
  • You will receive a printable certificate at the end of the course as proof of completion.
  • Upon successful completion, we will mail you the permit (either Class 12 or Class 13 permit) and also report it to WSLCB within 30 days.
  • Log in and out of the course as you please, picking up right where you left off.
  • You must complete the entire module before taking the final exam. Access to the final exam is granted upon course completion.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Mandatory Alcohol Server Training Program
  • Module 2: Alcohol and its Effects on the Body
  • Module 3: Minors and Checking ID
  • Module 4: Apparently Intoxicated Person (AIP)
  • Module 5: Liability
  • Module 6: Rules Related to Alcohol Laws and MAST

Agreement Details


Tuition for this online class is $19.99. We use Stripe as our credit card processor as well as PayPal. Payment will give you access to the course for 30 days, there are no refunds and all sales are final.  You will have access to your account for reprinting your certificate and the student manual for 1 calendar year from your enrollment date. If you fail to successfully pass the course, you can email support@iservesmart.com with your username to gain access and retake the course.

To terminate enrollment, contact us through our support email at support@iservesmart.com.


Permit Replacement Policy

You may upgrade your Class 13 permit once you have turned 21 and need a Class 12 permit.  You may also replace your permit if you lose it, change the name or gender as long as it is still valid. 

If you need an upgraded or replacement permit, you may submit your request for free at support@iservesmart.com. Please keep in mind, we can only replace or upgrade permits that were issued by ServeSmart. 

Student Obligations

  • The person registering for the course must be the one to complete the course and exam.
  • The student must complete the entire course before taking the final, standardized exam.
  • The student will not be under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while completing the exam.

Provider/Trainer Obligations

  • Permits will be issued within 30 days of the date of course completion and reported to WSLCB.
  • Permits will be issued either the Class 12 or Class 13 permit depending on the age of the student.
  • We will upgrade Class 13 permit to Class 12 once the permittee turns 21, upon request.

Student Manual

You can download and print a Student Manual after you’ve completed the final exam. This material includes course material and content and can be used as a reference in the future.  You can return to the course at any time after completion to print your certificate or workbook.

Final Exam

Access to the final exam is granted upon completion of the course. The exam must be completed in one sitting. To pass and gain access to your permit, you must get a minimum score of 80% or higher. You may take the final exam in Korean, Spanish, and English. 

Course Certificate of Completion

After you’ve completed the course and exam, you may download and print a Certificate of Completion and use it as a proof that you have completed the course successfully.  Keep the certificate until you receive the MAST permit in the mail.

Student Verification

The Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board requires each student to validate their identity throughout the course. At the beginning of each module, you will be required to verify your identity by resubmitting your password in order to move on to that module. 

System Requirements

This course is designed to work on HTML 5 browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. No plug-ins necessary.  This course is optimized to work on mobile devices and the preferred screen resolution is 1024 X 768. It is recommended that you have a high-speed connection, preferably a minimum connection speed of 512kbps. 

Business Hours

We are available between the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). You can expect immediate support during these regular business hours and a timely response (within 24 hours) if the request is made outside of this window. 

Social Security Number

RCW 26.23.150 requires that the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board obtain an SSN for each MAST permit holder in order to assist in child support enforcement as required by federal law. State law authorizes providers and trainers such as ServeSmart to obtain SSNs from permit holders. 


For assistance with technical problems, questions, permit upgrade and or replacement permits, contact ServeSmart by emailing our support team through support@iservesmart.com.


Take the course in English, Spanish, or Korean! At the bottom of each screen throughout this website is a menu that allows you to toggle between English, Spanish, and Korean.


Disclaimer: This course is translated by professional translators at Weglot. The course translation was not vetted by the WSLCB or their certified translator.