The MAST permit, or Mandatory Alcohol Server Permit, is a required permit for anyone who serves, mixes, sells, or supervises the sale of alcohol for on-premises consumption at any establishment licensed to sell liquor in the State of Washington. There are two different types of MAST permits, a Class 12 MAST permit and Class 13 MAST permit. A Class 13 MAST permit is for anyone 18 to 20 years of age and a Class 12 MAST permit is for anyone 21 years of age and older. [Read More…]

The law says anyone who serves alcohol or supervises the sale and service of alcohol for on-premises consumption is required to have a MAST permit. Based on this law owners, managers, bartenders and servers will all need a permit. The law also includes grocery store employees or other servers who work where wine tastings are held.

The cost of the ServeSmart course and MAST permit is $19.99.

The MAST permit is required within 60 days of the initial hire. If you are conducting a sampling or tasting at an approved location, you must be able to present your Class 12 permit. There is no grace period allowed for people conducting alcohol tastings to obtain a MAST permit.

The Class 13 MAST Permit is for people 18 to 20 years old and allows you to:

  1. Take alcohol orders.
  2. Carry alcohol to the customer.
  3. Pour it into a customer’s glass at the table.

The Class 12 MAST Permit is for people 21 years of age and older. The permit allows you to:

  1. Draw alcohol from the tap and mix drinks.
  2. Perform duties included in the Class 13 permit.
  3. Manage the establishment.
  4. Conduct alcohol tasting.

The permits are good for five years and will expire on the first day of the month after the month you took your test. For example, if you took the test on October 20, 2015, your permit will expire on November 1, 2020.

RCW 26.23.150 requires that the WSLCB obtain an SSN for each MAST permit holder in order to assist in child support enforcement as required by federal law. To issue you a MAST permit, ServeSmart is required by the state to obtain your SSN. If you have any questions or concerns with this requirement, please contact the WSLCB at (360) 664-1727 or (360) 664-1728.

For those required to have a MAST permit, working without it beyond 60 days from the date of initial hire is against the law. Anyone violating this law may receive a criminal citation with a maximum $500 monetary penalty or up to 90 days in jail or both the fine and imprisonment. Your employer may also get a monetary fine or license suspension or both.

Washington requires that you retake the training course again in order to renew your MAST permit.

If you lose your permit and or need to change the name on the permit, you may contact us for a replacement permit or the WSLCB.

Visit the MAST permit checker and enter either your last name and date of birth (mm,dd,yyyy), or your permit number to see if your permit is still valid.

The course is required by the state to take a minimum of 3 hours.