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How to Renew a MAST Permit

If you clicked on this article, you’re probably wondering “How do I renew my MAST Permit in Washington state?”

Technically, a Washington MAST Permit is non renewable. It is recommended that you “renew” your MAST Permit by retaking the Mandatory Alcohol Server Training through an approved training provider a minimum of 45 days before your permit expires. The initial grace period of 60 days for a new hire does not apply to permit holders whose permit has expired.

Since working without a valid permit carries penalties that include fines and jail time, it is important to know how to renew a MAST Permit.

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Class 12 MAST Permit Renewal

Technically, the only way to “renew” a MAST Permit is to retake the Mandatory Alcohol Server Training and a new permit will be sent to you by the course provider within 30 days of completing the training. Retaking the training is relatively straight forward.

To renew your permit, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Check your expiration date / look up your permit with the MAST Permit Checker
Step 2: Select an approved course
Step 3: Take the 3 hour Course
Step 4: Take the exam
Step 5: Your permit will arrive in the mail within 30 days

For more information on how to take the MAST training, check out our article: How to Get a MAST Permit in 4 Easy Steps.

A Class 12 MAST Permit is for anyone who is 21 years of age or older and sells/serves alcohol or who manages anyone who sells or serves alcohol. A Class 12 permit is required for any person who:

  • Manages a retail licensed premises licensed to sell alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption;
  • Sells, mixes or draws from a dispensing device alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption; or
  • Supervises a Class 13 permit holder.
  • A Class 12 permit includes all authorities granted under a Class 13 permit.

Upgrading a Class 13 MAST Permit

Class 13 Upgrade

If you are 21 and only have a class 13 permit, you’ll not be legally allowed to do any of the duties of a class 12 permit holder.

Both Class 13 and Class 12 MAST Permits expire after 5 years. Meaning that if you’re a Class 13 permit holder, you’ll need to upgrade your permit to a Class 12 permit when you turn 21, well before your original class 13 permit’s expiration date.

You have two options for upgrading your class 13 permit to a class 12. You could submit an upgrade request to your original provider, or retake the training and receive a new class 12 permit.

Upgrade Permit:

According to state law “Upon turning 21 years of age, such a person who obtains a class 13 permit after taking and passing a class 12 training course and exam may request that a provider or trainer upgrade his or her class 13 permit to a class 12 permit.”

If you want to upgrade your permit through a provider, you’ll need to make sure it’s the provider you took the course through originally. Note: Your expiration date will remain the same as your class 13 permit if you.

New Permit:

Alternatively, you can retake the course through an online or in-person course provider of your choosing and your new class 12 permit will have a new expiration date 5 years from your date of completion. The MAST Permit cost will typically be $20, depending on which provider you choose.

Lost MAST Permit

If you’ve lost your permit and need a MAST Permit replacement or if you need to replace a class 12 or 13 permit because of a name change, a permit holder must:

  • Contact the provider or trainer who issued the class 12 or 13 permit; or
  • Complete a class 12 or 13 permit replacement form, and submit that form and the appropriate fee to the board. The board will issue a new class 12 or 13 permit, which will have the same expiration date as the original class 12 or 13 permit.

Penalties for Working Without a Valid Permit

You must have your MAST permit and a valid ID available for law enforcement to inspect while you are performing duties that include the sale, service or handling of alcohol. Working without a permit could lead to a criminal citation of up to $500, up to 90 days in jail, or both a fine and imprisonment. Your employer may also face fines, license suspension, or both.

In addition to the potential penalties above, you may also face consequences for falsifying your permit, failing to produce your permit or ID upon request, or obstructing a law enforcement officer in any way or failing to allow inspection.

Each of these violations could result in the following penalties:
  • 1st Violation: 5-day permit suspension OR $100 monetary option
  • 2nd Violation: 10-day permit suspension OR $200 monetary option
  • 3rd Violation: 30-day permit suspension OR $400 monetary option
  • 4th Violation: Revocation of permit

Conclusion: How to Renew a MAST Permit

The MAST Permit is not renewable. The only way to get a fresh permit as your expiration date approaches is to retake the course through one of the approved online or in-person providers. Since it is illegal to work with an expired permit, it is recommended that you take the training within 45 days of your expiration date. Since it takes up to 30 days for the permit to be mailed to you, the earlier you take the training the better.

Upgrading your class 13 permit to a class 12 permit can be done by either contacting your original course provider or by retaking the training. If you turn 21 and still have a class 13 permit, you will not be able to perform duties of a class 12 permit holder.

It is important to stay within compliance with the state regulations surrounding the MAST Permit for both you and your employer. Consequences for being in violation can cost both you and your employer, so make sure to keep your permit up to date!

If you need to take the course, head over to ServeSmart’s online MAST training course!

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